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Gear Shaper Cutters

CTI designs and manufactures spur and helical gear shaper cutters to produce all types of internal and external Gears, Splines, Sprockets and Timing Pulleys.  Custom made shaping cutters to cut pre shaved and pre ground gears with profile modifications like protuberance and semi topping can be supplied.
Shaper cutters can be supplied in following types:
Disc Type
Deep Counter Bore
Hub Type
Shank type

The above cutters are available in the following range of dimensions and specifications:
Module – 0.5 to 20 Module
DP- 50 to 1.25 DP
Max diameter -300mm ( 12” )
Accuracy: AA, A and B as per DIN 1829
Material: High Speed Steel grade M35, M4, ASP 2030 and ASP 2052
Coatings: TiN,TiCN,TiAlN to enhance tool life upto 10 times.