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form milling cutter

CTI produces Form Milling Tools for all types of applications based on customers specifications. Whether standard or custom non-standard we have a solution for everything. We manufacture tooth-form cutters, spline milling cutters and thread-milling cutters to print.

Spline Milling Cutters for Straight and Involute Splines with/without lugs. Form Milling Cutters for Spline Shaft profiles to DIN / ISO 14, DIN 5480,DIN 5482,DIN 5464,DIN5471,5472,Serrated shafts,p.t.o shafts to DIN 9611.

Sprocket Cutters designed for cutting sprocket teeth of roller-chain wheels according to BS, ASA and DIN standards-DIN 8187,DIN 8188.

Milling Cutters and Hobs for Timing Belt Pulleys-DIN 7721,ISO 5294- XL, L, H, XH, XXH and many other profiles.