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gear cutters

Single Gear Cutters – from 0.1 to 55 Module, 120 to 0.5 DP for specific number of teeth or in sets of 8 cutters.When ordering single gear finishing cutters, the cutter number or the number of teeth to be cut must be specified.

Stepped Gear Roughing Cutters are available in Alternating Plain and Serrated form for faster roughing of large gears from 10 Module to 55 Module and upto 0.5 DP.

End Mill Type Gear Cutters are supplied in Roughing and Finishing forms with straight and Involute profiles. These are generally designed for a specific number of teeth for better profile.

Rack and Worm Thread Milling Cutters with straight teeth for the straight flank roughing of Gears,Racks and Worms. Rack Tooth Gang Cutters or Multiple Rack Milling Cutters are also supplied with several tooth rows for the simultaneous machining of several tooth gaps.